dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Website renewed, online & looking good!

Having many skills and hobbies has its advantages and disadvantages.
Advantage is that you can combine your hobbies, and do many things yourself.
Disadvantage is that you don't know what to do first :-)

I've had my shop on Etsy for about half a year now, but some things about it bother me, like the fact that I am spending lots of time promoting Etsy, but they do not really promote me. And I love the community on Etsy, and have found many interesting artists and people on there, but there is more and more really crappy junk shops and cheap import from the east popping up, and this is not something I really want to be associated with.

So I figured to put my web building skills to work, redid my old amber site and shop, and figured I better establish myself there. No listing fees, no limits on amount of pictures, links to other sites just work, items do not expire, and Etsy does not get a cut. And I have more space to talk about amber, can highlight the true beauty, and show off my pieces also after they have been sold.
Jagna had the same idea, and got her site online also, www.jagna.be. Looking very sharp, and much better suited to get a name. Really Etsy has got us so far that we do not like to put a link on our visiting cards to Etsy anymore, it looks too cheap now. There's still great shops and artists on there (hey, we're still there!), but it is declining..
Next step is to get these great shops and artists together, and built a suitable new platform, one where there is more space for the artist, and less for the crap. Needs to brew a little more...

Now there still is the music making part to combine, another life-time love of mine.
I figured I can do the music for openings of our own exhibitions :-)
First one is planned already, Friday June 22 I will be playing on the opening of a 3 day sale of Jagna's art jewellery, my amber pieces, and paintings of our good friend Ben Nys, at whose place the whole event will take place (for which we are very grateful already).

More on this event later, for now you can check the schedule at our facebook event, and reserve the dates!

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