vrijdag 27 april 2012

Protesting the integrity of Etsy

We, a group of Etsy sellers, have decided to collectively set our shops on vacation mode on the Etsy site on May 10 in protest against recent controversies. The participating shops will not conduct business for 24 hours.

People that came to Etsy could be sure they bought straight from the artist. They would get a genuine handmade, unique article. This is why I am selling there.
But now our little shops are slowly dissapearing under the heavy load of huge shops that list mass produced items, whom can list hundreds of items a day, and the problem is only getting bigger.
If you are aware of some recent events on Etsy, you know where this comes from (if not please have a look at Regretsy).

We believe in the mission of handmade and the real spirit of Etsy - a community of artists, crafters and artisans and the people who support them. But that spirit is slowly been eaten up by a greed for dollars.
We have stood by Etsy, promoted Etsy, believe in Etsy, but recent events have shown we are losing the good fight. To give a clear message in a peaceful way we have launched this protest.
Because we would like to again believe in what we believed in before.

If you would like to show your support, you can leave let your vote be heard on www.protesty.com

Support real handmade!

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