zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Countdown to Art Fair at Oognblik

It's nearly there, next friday June 22 at 20:00h the artfair will open for 3 days of Art, music & workshops.
We have been working hard, in too short a time to get things ready for you! What can you expect?
On Friday 22 there is the official opening with live music from myself. Expect quiet songs, covers I love, an eclectic mix of old Dutch and English songs. You can find some samples here.

All 3 featured artists will be around all weekend for you to talk to, discuss their works and philosophy, and you can have a glass of wine, weather forecast is good, and there is plenty of garden with table and chairs to recline on this beautiful location.

Ben's latest 3D impressionist paintings will be there:
Roses series by Ben Nys

Jagna is bringing her latest fabulous creations:
Art to wear by Jagna Birecka

And I will be bringing lots of Amber based jewellery:

In the Oognblik arthouse there is always the permanent collection available, they have gathered very unique items over the last 11 years of organizing the Oopenblik dagen, so you can admire and be inspired by a scattering of other unique art:
Left to right:
Mia Moens

For the rest: there is drinks available, and for the younger ones there are workshops organized, it is a very child-friendly environment, a perfect outing for the family in a beautiful and inspiring environment!

All 3 artists offer 10% off their normal list prices for the weekend only, and there will be a raffle, if you buy anything from the artists you have a chance of winning a 25€ voucher to spent in any of their shops!

We are already looking forward to seeing you there, to be able to have a chat, and to inspire you with our love of art!

woensdag 6 juni 2012

Featuring: Ben Nys

This second post on the upcoming Art Event at the Oog'n'blik arthouse featuring Jagna Birecka (see post below), myself, and Ben Nys, is presenting Ben Nys.

Ben Nys is the owner of the Oog'n'Blik Arthouse, where since 1992 he has been organizing art events under the name of openblikdagen, for which he would gather several fitting artists to feature over the course of one month in their home, a rebuilt old Café, a perfect setting for an easy walk-in.

 Series In these woods
He has studied Graphical Design, and loves to present and experience art in friendly surroundings.
His own words:
"Where aesthetics, architecture, philosophy and culture melt into each other ... that's where my world begins"

Ben is making abstract and expressive art, which hovers between paintings and sculptures.His art is very organic, he integrates dried flowers, twigs and grass in his latest series, his style is leaning more to 3D over the last years.
Mostly he makes fitting series, like the ones above which are thick (4 cm) canvasses of 10 x 10 cm (3.9 inch), or like below, which are 20 x 20 cm (7.8 inch) canvasses.

Series La Terre Vivant

It is very difficult to get the true depth and colours to be displayed online of his works, he has a few great, big new canvasses with white oil paint on them, which I just have not been able to capture on film, I would suggest you to come and see them live on the event on the weekend of 22, 23 and 24 June.

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 Ben will be giving workshops to children on how to create 3D paintings in his style, best inscribe soon at as the amount of participants is limited to 8 maximum!

To close off I'd like to present one of his older works, a beautiful big canvas in blue tones, which is one of my personal favorites:

You can find out more about Ben's works on his facebook page, See his online shop on Etsy, or, even better, come over to St. Amands on June 22, 23 and 24, and get 3 artists for the entrance price of...nothing :-)