donderdag 31 mei 2012

Featuring: Jagna Birecka

As mentioned in the last post I was going to tell you more about the upcoming art-fair at Ben Nys his Oog'n'blik art house.
I am going to highlight Ben and Jagna's works for you.

Ladies first, so I am going to tell you about the works of Jagna Birecka.

Jagna Birecka

Jagna's works are mostly abstract. She makes clay sculptures with flowing forms, and makes great photo's.
On the art fair she will be presenting us with her wearable art creations.

Her own words: Being both an artist and an architect I am interested in combining art and science in my artwork. I am using geometric forms, linearity and abstract patterns to represent architecture, science, products of our world, but also the surrounding nature, the Universe - and my own emotions and feelings.
 Now these pieces are all unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Sci-fi comes to mind, contemporary art fits, as does modern art, it is hard to place these creations under a certain category. 
 Being both an artist and an architect I am also torn between the art and the functionality of my works. Therefore I have chosen to follow a very exciting path of creating wearable (thus functional) art objects which can be turned into visual art pieces. 
And not only are they functional, they are also very beautiful, and very affordable!
Now the photo's, good as they are, don't do the pieces justice. Their finishing is very smooth and well polished. The lines you see you do not feel, they're magnificent pieces!

She will give 2 workshops at the weekend suited for children from 6 to 12, Saturday from 13 to 16h, and sunday from 15 to 18h, if you want your children to attend you'll need to inscribe before June 15 at

More on Jagna on her website, more on her works for sale in her Etsy shop.

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  1. Great post and pieces! Good luck with the art-fair!

  2. Great pieces! I wish I am a kid and could attend these WSs!

  3. You can always book one for the adults :-)

  4. Gorgeous special to know each and every one of them is unique..little art beauties to wear, looove Jagna's creative works!

  5. Great interview! It looks like you know the featured artist so well.. I wonder why? :P ;)
    Congrats for both of you!

  6. I love Jagna‘s jewelry, they look so smooth and lovely I could eat them :P But don't mind me, they really are pieces of art! Good-luck at the fair!

  7. Yes, that guy knows the featured artist only too well, I'm afraid ;-)
    But in fact I am very happy that after 8 years of being my husband he still is able to be telling nice things about me ;-)
    Thank you, Dear :)

  8. I wish you a successful workshop and exhibition!

  9. Amazing post!!! Jagna is a great artist!!!
    Wish you luck on these event!! Have fun!!)

  10. ik heb ze al in't echt gezien en ze zijn idd erg mooi!