zaterdag 3 november 2012

Exhibition Het Ontwerp, Leuven

Pleasant surprise.. got a call on Thursday, if I'd like to participate in an exhibition in Leuven, for the opening of an event and design bureau, where my friend Ben Nys was exhibiting his great paintings.

So, if you are wondering why my online shop is suddenly missing half the items there's your answer, half of my shop is on display in Het Ontwerp in Leuven :-)

 So, first about Het Ontwerp.

Het Ontwerp is a couple that design. Steve and Cathy. Wonderful people with a vision. They do graphical, but also full events and campaigns. They get you known. And opened an office in Beautiful Leuven. And to make a visit to their office worthwhile they started exhibitions, which will change every 2 months. And make their office a really pretty place!
Here's their facebook link.

So who's there?
I mentioned Ben. I love Ben. And his paintings. They are amazing. Down to earth, abstract, beautiful pieces.
I'm the very proud owner of some of his works. Here's one of his latest, they are getting better and better...
And here is his facebook link..

Then there is Liesbeth Goorelst. Didn't know her before, now I'll remember surely. Quality leather handbags. Beautifully made, classy bags. Here's her facebook link..

Then there's Insectorama. A really unique idea. These guys made plastic cut-outs of parts of insects, which you can use to draw your own creatures, using different parts to make exiting new beasts, with the fangs of an ant, the bottom of a catterpillar, and many more parts of a really large variety of insects.
Really, you'll just have to see it, and order the set (only 7 € I think!) and start playing with it.

See their facebook here..

So looks like I'm in really good & unique company there, am very happy to be included!

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  1. Congratulations, Heyme! That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Enjoy :)

  2. Sounds good, Heyme! I wish there were places like that where I live. We are a bit rural!

  3. Congratulations Heyme!!! Wonderful news! :)