maandag 26 december 2011

About Amber

I love Amber. Baltic Amber. There's Amber in the Dominican Republic as well, I even have some pieces, but these will not do. It has to be Baltic Amber.
And how does it work? If you love something the whole world should know!

I made a site about it:
I have a shop where I sell some, so I can afford to buy more:
And opened an Etsy shop, as my own shop hardly gets any visitors:

And now I started to blog about it.
Amber is just beautiful. It feels nice, always warm & light. And if you work with it, sand, polish & drill, it gets even warmer, and gives off this great resinous smell, like you are walking in a pine forest on a sunny day.
Then there is the colors. It's like a warm fire is living inside of the amber pieces.
Not 2 pieces are the same. It's amazing. And every piece burns different :-)
And if you take a real good look and have a magnifier you find some surprises.
I can watch for hours anyway, but in the piece above it's pretty obvious what is the eye-catcher here.

And imagine how difficult it is to hold this little magnifier and the camera and get this photo out :-)
You must love something terribly to go through the effort of getting this picture.
This is what this blog is about. The love of Amber, and what I do for it..

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